Focus on Places, Not People, to Prevent Crime

Joel Caplan

  • 7 February 2018
  • Posted by: Nicolas Devia
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RTM or Risk Terrain Modeling is an application designed by Dr. Joel Caplan to study the conditions of a certain geographic area and determine if its morphology incentivizes or not crime and violence. The state of the buildings, the type of public equipment (if there’s any), the type of business in the neighborhood, etc. and their interaction are key variables to determine where and why crime takes place in the places it does. By identifying those hot spots it is possible to better assign resources not only on policing but also to bring urban rejuvenation, inclusive architecture and public services. RTM is a free tool that has been effectively tested in multiple cities across the world, performing with great success. For low and medium income countries that depend on an effective application of scarce resources, a tool like this one could save plenty of lives.