Rio Residents Support Military Intervention, but Doubt It Will Help

C.H. Gardiner

  • 10 abril 2018
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Rio Residents Support Military Intervention, but Doubt It Will Help
Military intervention in urban areas are seen as a positive measure often because of the negative opinion citizens have on their police departments. Cases of corruption and even extrajudicial executions alienate people from police officers and create an atmosphere of mistrust in which crime thrives. Military personnel on the other hand enjoy of a generally good perception by the public because of the patriotic service they dive to their nation. However, it is evident for the public that a long lasting solution for the problems of their city’s crime and violence situation is not the constant presence of the armed forces in the streets. A survey conducted by InSight Crime confirms this idea through the data collected in present Rio de Janeiro where a militaristic approach has been used to combat crime.

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País:Estados Unidos de América
Institución:InSight Crime
Autor:C.H. Gardiner
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