Social Crime Prevention in Trinidad

Pan American Development Foundation

  • 11 abril 2018
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Social Crime Prevention in Trinidad
Trinidad and Tobago has seen its public security deteriorate as the epidemic of violence in Latin America spreads from country to country. This violence is the result of the easy access to firearms and the segregation/exclusion of young men from the society, which translates in the formation of highly territorial gangs. With these conditions, Trinidad and Tobago counted more than 100 gangs and a tenth place on global murder rates in 2016. To tackle this issue the government partnered with the US State Department and the Pan American Development Foundation to create the “Resistance and Prevention Program” (RAPP), which is also present in the Bahamas and Suriname. The RAPP program builds trust between communities and law enforcement agencies through dialogues, community policing and outreach programs. It has brought a whole government approach, where different institution share information and don’t duplicate information. Through efficiency and comprehensiveness the program provides the tools to schools, families, social workers and law enforcement officers for the common reconstruction of the social fabric and harmony in the communities.