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UNODC Toolkit to Combat Smuggling of Migrants

UNODC Toolkit to Combat Smuggling of Migrants

It is hoped that the guidance offered, the practices showcased and the resources recommended in this Toolkit may inspire and assist policymakers, law enforcers, judges, prosecutors, victim service providers and members of civil society in playing their role in the global effort to combat migrant smuggling.

Ultimately, this Toolkit is intended to be used in any way it will assist your work in preventing and combating migrant smuggling.

The Toolkit has been structured to serve a two-fold purpose:

  • In its entirety, the Toolkit provides an overview of the immense and multifaceted task of combating migrant smuggling;
  • Through its stand-alone Tools, the Toolkit provides guidance on specific aspects of response to migrant smuggling

Each Tool has been structured so that it can be consulted independently of the others; users who have an interest in a particular aspect of migrant smuggling can refer only to those Tools - or sections therein - that are of relevance to them. Cross-references have been provided throughout the Toolkit to direct users to other sections that they may find relevant.

Where possible, websites are indicated where users can either consult the complete text of documents referred to, or find further information on a given topic. Users who do not have access to the Internet are encouraged to contact either UNODC or the organization referenced to arrange to receive a hard copy of the relevant resource.

A list of the sections offered in respect of each theme is provided at the beginning of each Tool.

Annex 1 contains an overview of the content of each Tool.

Annex 2 contains the full text of the Migrant Smuggling Protocol supplementing the United Nations Transnational Organized Crime Convention, with cross-references to sections of the Toolkit relevant to various provisions.

Annex 3 provides a working glossary of some of the key terms used throughout the Toolkit.

Annex 4 provides a feedback form, which we hope you will use to assist us in strengthening the next edition of this Toolkit.

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