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State of the World’s Cities 2012/2013: Prosperity of Cities.

  • 8 noviembre 2016
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State of the World’s Cities 2012/2013: Prosperity of Cities.

This Report comes at a transitional juncture in the international agenda: in the wake of the ‘Rio + 20’ conference on the environment and development, and ahead of a fresh, updated Habitat Agenda due in 2016 (Habitat III). Against this background, this UN-Habitat Report calls on countries and cities to engage with a fresher notion of prosperity in their respective agendas. Prosperity involves a degree of confidence in the foreseeable future. As the world recovers from one of its worst-ever economic crises and a variety of interrelated predicaments, we must find a new sense of balance and safeguard against risks of further turmoil. With dominant roles in economic, political and social life cities remain critical to setting our nations on a more inclusive, productive, creative and sustainable course.

Institución:United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT)
Información Adicional:Urbanization and Development

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