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Protecting children affected by armed violence in the community

Protecting children affected by armed violence in the community

The impact of armed violence on children’s rights is serious, cumulative and long-lasting. Addressing root causes of this multi-faceted phenomenon demands a comprehensive approach to building peaceful, resilient and cohesive communities where children are protected and given a genuine chance of developing to their full potential. Even though significant knowledge gaps persist, a large body of expert knowledge, experience and evidence from around the world points toward valuable solutions. These require investment in steady and well-coordinated and well-funded action at all levels and from all sectors of society, ensuring the active engagement of children and young people, and the adoption of legal and policy measures, capacitybuilding of professionals, collection of data and research, and an investment in wide public awareness and social mobilization campaigns.

The measures below constitute crucial building blocks to sustain progress in this direction.

A. Building safe and nurturing environments

B. Enhancing accountability for children’s rights by adopting and implementing legal and policy measures to ensure children’s freedom from armed violence

C. Enhancing accountability for children’s rights at the local level

D. Consolidating evidence to promote and sustain progress

E. Engaging civil society and the corporate sector


País:Estados Unidos de América
Institución:United Nations
Información Adicional:Children's rights

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