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Caribbean Human Development Report 2012

  • 1 noviembre 2016
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Caribbean Human Development Report 2012

A key message of the report is that Caribbean countries need to focus on a model of security based on the human development approach, whereby citizen security is paramount, rather than on the traditional state security model, whereby the protection of the state is the chief aim.Indeed, the contrast between prevention on the one hand and repression and coercion VI CARIBBEAN HUMAN DEVELOPMENT REPORT 2012 on the other is ill conceived. Social inclusion to help prevent crime and violence and efficient and effective law enforcement are by no means incompatible or mutually exclusive. In a truly democratic society, broad based social inclusion and swift criminal justice–or “prevention” and “coercion”—serve to reinforce and complement each other. This is one of the most important lessons to be taken from this report – and not only for the Caribbean but for all of Latin America as well.

País:Estados Unidos de América
Institución:United Nations Development Programme - UNDP
Autor:Robert Zimmermann, Carol Lawes and Nanette Svenson
Información Adicional:Human Development

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