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2008 Economic Downturn and Federal Inaction Impact on Crime

  • 8 noviembre 2016
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2008 Economic Downturn and Federal Inaction Impact on Crime

At the direction of Conference President and Miami Mayor Manuel A. (Manny) Diaz, The U.S. Conference of Mayors is holding five ’08 Mayors’ Action Forums between early August and early October in which America’s mayors will forge an action agenda for cities and metro areas to present to the next President of the United States. The five national events in five cities across the country are intended to prepare the Conference to present the next President with a set of priorities for action on urban/suburban problems that can be taken during the first 100 days of the new administration. The forums cover crime, infrastructure, poverty, arts, and the environment. In preparation for the Philadelphia Action Forum, The U.S. Conference of Mayors conducted a brief survey of mayors and police chiefs to identify key issues relating to crime in cities today. Responses were received from 124 cities in 36 states and Puerto Rico. In recent months we have seen anecdotal evidence of the impact that the current economic downturn and the high cost of fuel is having on public services, including law enforcement. This report takes us a step beyond the anecdotes and provides a snapshot of current issues relating to crime and policing, including the impact of economic downturn and energy problems.

País:Estados Unidos de América
Institución:The United States Conference of Mayors

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