Ariela Suster: Breaking the Sequence of Violence

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  • 27 abril 2018
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Ariela Suster: Breaking the Sequence of Violence

In the desperate situation of violence that El Salvador is living at this moment, alternative solutions are welcomed by the communities. Sequence is a brand founded by Ariela Suster, a Salvadorian who has lived violence first hand when her family experienced a case of kidnapping while the civil war in the country was raging. This clothing brand employs at risk youth to offer them an alternative to the lifestyle of the gang, a common destiny for young men who are unemployed or without access to education. Due to the invisible borders gangs construct to dominate sector of the cities, Suster uses technology to overcome these impositions. Through videocalls in Skype, Sequence educates their employees on the techniques needed to craft bracelets and other products of the brand.