The reporting system that sexual assault survivors want

Jessica Ladd

  • 30 enero 2018
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The fact that 99% of sexual offenders go unpunished in the United States is the most direct evidence of a system of double victimization and lack of empathy. The present system of institutions and social norms doubts and sometimes justifies cases of sexual abuse and/or misconduct, which results in low rates of reports. Jessica Ladd created a webpage that covers this mistakes, Callisto offers confidentiality and support to those who were victims of sexual offenders by representing them in front of authorities and by linking them with past victims in order to help with their psychological recuperation. Our society is in a massive debt with all those victims who were forgotten by the system and initiatives like Ladd’s are tools helping us to prevent these situations from happening in the future.

Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC): The Public Health Approach to Violence Prevention

  • 15 noviembre 2016
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Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC): The Public Health Approach to Violence Prevention

The Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC), with funding from the U.S. Department of Justice's Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention and support from the Mattapan Community Health Center, Boston Police Department, and Boston Centers for Youth and Families, produced the "Our Mattapan. Many Pasts. One Future." violence prevention campaign. Residents and community members involved with BPHC's Violence Intervention and Prevention coalition in Mattapan worked hand-in-hand with city officials to create a powerful public awareness campaign that highlights the impact of violence in the neighborhood. The campaign empowered residents to tell their own stories and to share their thoughts on building an even stronger Mattapan by discouraging gun violence and by breaking stereotypes that sometimes define the neighborhood. The personal stories featured in "Our Mattapan" aim to illustrate the true impact of violence on a community in a way that encourages more people to get involved in violence prevention work.