• 1 August 2021


  • Promote debate and regional cooperation on issues related to the planning, coordination, harmonization, and efficient use of the radio spectrum, as well as geostationary and non-geostationary satellite orbits, for radiocommunication services.​
  • To implement this objective, Permanent Consultative Committee II has specific mandates.

Next Meeting

  • 43 Meeting of PCC.II: April 15 to 19, 2024 - Montevideo, Uruguay.​

Authorities - PCC.II

  • Chair: Mexico
  • Vice Chair: Brazil, El Salvador, Uruguay ​

Working Groups - PCC.II

  1. Working Group relative to CITEL's Preparation for World Radiocommunication Conferences.
  2. Working Group on Terrestrial Services.
  3. Working Group on Sprectrum Management.
  4. Working Group on Satellite Systems and Scientific Services.
  5. Working Group on Broadcasting.

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