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  • 27 August 2021

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Year Title Date
Place Agenda Presentations Reports Videos
2023 Seminar "Regulatory Improvement in the Telecommunications Sector" 07/12&13/2023 Online View/Ver View/Ver    
2022 Seminar 5G: Opportunities and Challenges in the Americas 07/14/2022 Washington, DC, USA View View/Ver    
2016 Joint Online ITU-CITEL Workshop on Global Strategies against Mobile Device Theft 03/16/2016 Online View View/Ver    
2015 CITEL-ITU Seminar on "IMT towards 2020 and beyond" 02/24/2015 Medellin, Colombia View View/Ver    
2013 CITEL (PCC.I) / ITU Forum on Information and Communication Technology Service - Quality, Control and Surveillance 09/23/2013 Cartagena de Indias, Colombia View View/Ver View/Ver Link
2013 Virtual Seminar on "International Roaming Services 08/13/2013 Webcast View      
2013 Seminar on Fixed and Mobile Satellite Services. 04/07/2013 Cali, Colombia View View/Ver View/Ver Video
2012 Seminar on Cloud Computing: Challenges and Opportunities 09/12/2012 San Salvador, El Salvador View View/Ver    
2012 Seminar on the results of WRC-12 and future satellite-related matters. 07/03/2012 Bucaramanga, Colombia View View/Ver    
2012 Seminar on Mobile Termination Approaches in the Americas 05/16/2012 Buenos Aires, Argentina View View/Ver    
2012 Round Table Discussion of Organizations and Agencies on the Connect the Americas Event 03/01/2012 Washington, D.C., United States of America View View/Ver    
2011 Seminar on "ITU-R WP 5D Workshop on IMT for the Next Decade" 11/27/2011 San Juan, Puerto Rico View View/Ver    
2011 Virtual Meeting on Digital Dividend in the Americas 11/16/2011 San Juan, Puerto Rico View      
2011 Seminar on "The Use of Telecommunications for Disaster Prevention and Mitigation" 08/29/2011 Mar del Plata, Argentina View View/Ver    
2011 Seminar on Regional Experiences and/or Models of the Implementation of Number Portability in the Americas 03/02/2011 Lima, Peru View View/Ver View  
2010 Seminar on the Opportunities of the Digital Dividend for the Americas 11/29/2010 Bogota, Colombia View View/Ver 1/5
View/Ver 2/5
View/Ver 3/5
View/Ver 4/5
View/Ver 5/5
2010 ITU and CITEL Regional Cybersecurity Capacity Building Workshop for the Americas: “International Cooperation for Building 11/01/2010 Salta, Argentina View View/Ver 1/2
View/Ver 2/2
2010 Seminar on the Internet Access Ecosystem and Network Neutrality 05/11/2010 Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina View View/Ver View  
2010 High-Level Forum "Toward a better future: Redefining the ICT sector in the Americas" 03/08/2010 Mexico City, Mexico View View/Ver    
2009 Seminar on Spectrum Requirements for Broadband Deployment 11/09/2009 Washington, D.C., United States of America View View/Ver    
2009 Fourth Workshop on Fraud Control in Telecommunication Services: The Regulator's Role and its Scope 10/01/2009 San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina View View/Ver    
2009 Workshop on Developing ICTs in Areas and Groups with Unattended Needs or with Specific Issues 09/30/2009 San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina View View/Ver    
2009 Seminar on Regional Infrastructure and Interconnection 09/28/2009 San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina View View/Ver    
2009 Seminar: Spectrum 20/20 06/08/2009 Ottawa, Canada View/Ver View/Ver 1/2
View/Ver 2/2
2009 CITEL Workshop / Second IIRSA Executive Technical Group. International Roaming Services: Regional Action Plan and Lessons Learnt 05/04/2009 Cusco, Peru View View/Ver View