Institutional Framework

  • 27 August 2021

The Inter‑American Telecommunication Commission (CITEL) is an entity of the Organization of American States (hereinafter "the Organization"), established by the General Assembly, in accordance with Article 53 of the Charter of the Organization.

CITEL shall enjoy technical autonomy in the performance of its functions, within the limits of the Charter of the Organization, this Statute, and the mandates of the General Assembly of the Organization.

In this section, you will find the information regarding CITEL Institutional framework, the statute and the regulations, mandates of CITEL and the Inter-American Conventions.

CITEL is governed by its Statute and the Regulations.
Statute  - Edition 2022

The Regulations complement the Statute which was approved by Resolution of the OAS General Assembly, and serve to provide more specific rules for the operation, administration, and procedures of CITEL for the achievement of its purposes and objectives.

Regulations - Edition 2022
​Inter-American Conventions
  • Lima Convention
  • Amendment of the Inter-American Convention on an International Amateur Radio Permit (IARP) - 2018 (New)​ - Full Text (PDF format)

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Mandates of CITEL of the General Assembly of the OAS
Below you will find the Resolutions of the OAS General Assembly of interest to CITEL.

2019 / Forty-Nine Regular Session of the OAS General Assembly
AG/RES.2935 (XLIX-O/19)
Hemispheric Efforts to Combat the use of Mobile Terminal Devices that have been Stolen, Lost, or Tampered with.
Medellin, Colombia June 27, 2019
AG/RES.2938 (XLIX-O/19)
The Leading Role of the Organization of American States in Developing Telecommunications/Information and Communication Technologies through T​he Inter-American Telecommunication Commission (CITEL).
Medellin, Colombia June 27, 2019​

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Summits of the Americas
The most recent activities of the Executive Committees have enabled rapid progress to be made in connection with the mandates assigned to CITEL by the Summit, in particular, those pertaining to:
  • Measures designed to modernize national legislation;
  • Fostering of increased competitiveness and productivity in all sectors through applications such as distance education and tele-medicine;
  • Simplification of provisions governing the provision of satellite services in our countries;
  • Modernization and expansion of telecommunication infrastructure in rural and urban areas through timely incorporation of new technologies and services;
  • Promotion of discussion on adequate standards to ensure interoperability for existing and future telecommunication networks and timely introduction of technology in new and existing markets;
  • Enhancement of telecommunication sector human resources by means of ongoing training programs;
  • Analysis of the status of connectivity in the region.