Virtual Forums

With the aim of contributing and enriching the conversation, the OAS will organize virtual forums, in the form of round tables and webinars, with the participation of international experts on all the topics that the Portal proposes to carry out brainstorming around them. and inclusive discussions. On this page you will find the calendar of upcoming events and the videos of the events already held.

The Road to Parity Everywhere

  • 3/5/2021 10:00 AM
  • Number of views: 1980

Subnational governments and their growing pivotal role in a Covid-19 Scenario

  • 9/21/2020 9:00 AM
  • Number of views: 1751

Democracy and Inter-American Law

Special session of the weekly virtual forum Inter-American law in times of pandemic

  • 7/10/2020 12:00 PM
  • Number of views: 1535

Electoral Guarantees in the Days of COVID-19: Equality and Women's Rights

  • 6/11/2020 4:00 PM
  • Number of views: 2567

COVID-19 in women’s lives: Differentiated gender impacts for emergency legislation in Costa Rica

  • 5/21/2020 7:00 PM
  • Number of views: 1451

Representative Institutions in the times of Covid-19

  • 5/15/2020 3:00 PM
  • Number of views: 1000