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Promotion of Peace in the Americas

  • 5/29/2020 11:00 AM
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Event date: 5/29/2020 11:00 AM Export event

Person in charge of the presentations:

Francisco Guerrero, Secretary for the Strengthening of Democracy

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The main purpose of this Webinar is to formally present the Department for the Promotion of Peace and Coordination with Sub-National Governments to the public in order to publicize in greater detail the work that has been carried out since its creation, the goals set and the challenges and opportunities in a post-Covid 19 scenario, bearing in mind that the promotion of peace and conflict resolution will increasingly become a central and priority issue.

Since its constitution, the OAS has assumed the prevention and resolution of conflicts as one of its most relevant tasks.

Recognizing that it was necessary to strengthen the issue of peace and adapt the Organization to the current needs of the hemisphere in the promotion of peace through proactive efforts aimed at peaceful coexistence, in August 2018 the Secretary General modified the structure of the Secretariat for the Strengthening of Democracy (SFD) and created the Department for the Promotion of Peace and Coordination with Sub-National Governments (DPPCGS) as another dependency of the SFD.

The DPPCGS Mission is to promote a process that aims to prevent conflicts and controversies and identify the root causes of conflicts, seeking to intensify them by developing projects and programs for conflict management and peace education that promote practices and values democratic in populations conducive to strengthening a culture of peace.

On this occasion, the authorities responsible for executing this program will discuss the priority and exhaustive mandate of the DPPCGS, as well as the main areas of action, including: 1) the promotion of dialogue policies with an emphasis on mechanisms for the peaceful resolution of conflicts and controversies; 2) the implementation of peace education and conflict management training programs, as well as the design and development of educational tools in the field of peace 3) the establishment and strengthening of cooperative relations with institutions and organizations dedicated to the subject of peace, including the UN, in order to exchange best practices and lessons learned and serve as an institutional memory on peace and conflict management; and 4) the coordination of relations with sub-national and regional governments in order to raise their voice in the hemispheric dialogue, particularly regarding their essential role in building peaceful societies, in accordance with objective No. 16 of the Sustainable Development Goals.