SheSecures Peru


SheSecures is an initiative that seeks to provide women with a fun and practical way to strengthen their technical skills through virtual cybersecurity exercises. Through this initiative, the OAS/CICTE seeks to contribute to closing the gender gap in cybersecurity and promote diversity in this industry, encouraging and inspiring women and girls to develop their technical skills and learn more about this field.

SheSecures Peru consists of an online national cybersecurity exercise made up of 8 technical challenges based on real scenarios and the experiences of distinguished women in STEM. Participants must complete the challenges to advance to the next levels and obtain points. At the end of the exercise, the participants who obtain the most points will win a prize.

This exercise is aimed at women over 16 years of age who live in Peru and want to develop their technical skills and enter the cybersecurity industry. The exercise will address topics such as artificial intelligence, incident response, cryptography, web hacking, and forensic analysis, among others. If you don't have prior knowledge about these topics, don't worry, as you can request hints to complete the challenges if you ever get stuck. To participate you only need to have an Internet connection (without specific restrictions on outgoing traffic), and a computer with a Windows, Linux, or MacOS operating system, with the ability to install tools.

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