About Inter-American SIMORE

The Inter-American SIMORE is an online computer tool that systematizes the recommendations issued by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights through its different mechanisms: approved friendly settlement agreements, annual reports (Chapter IV.B), published merits reports, country reports, thematic reports and granted precautionary measures.

It also allows different users of the inter-American human rights system to provide information on the measures adopted by the States in order to comply with these recommendations.

It is a mechanism of accountability, transparency, participation and access to information, which facilitates the follow-up of recommendations, strengthens capacities for monitoring measures and promoting compliance with international obligations, and reports on advances and challenges for the protection of human rights in the countries of the region.

The Inter-American SIMORE allows for public access to the recommendations issued by the IACHR through its various mechanisms and to updated information on the actions adopted by States to comply with them. In this sense, it is possible to follow up on the compliance and implementation of the recommendations of the IACHR by States. Additionally, the system facilitates the preparation of studies and research on the implementation of these recommendations with regards to a specific issue or country.

In its Strategic Plan 2017-2021 the Inter-American Commission proposed to develop a special cross-cutting program, Program 21, through which it implements  coordinated actions to follow up on the recommendations issued by the IACHR trough its different mechanisms.

The Inter-American SIMORE is coordinated and managed by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and was developed with technical cooperation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Paraguay.