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2023 - 2024
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This project, formally entitled “Strengthening the governmental response to assist internally displaced persons due to violence,” is financed by the MIRPS Fund

Honduras is characterized by a prolonged situation of internal displacement, and high levels of violence represent a challenge in terms of protection and humanitarian assistance. Internal displacement was recognized by the State in 2013, however, an adequate response remains a challenge. 

The project seeks to consolidate the institutional response to the population internally displaced by violence through

  • the delivery of humanitarian assistance and the inter-institutional coordination of protection measures for people internally displaced by violence and/or at risk of displacement;
  • the delivery of seed capital to people internally displaced by violence and/or at risk of displacement;
  • institutional strengthening through training processes focused on improving care for displaced people.

This project will benefit more than 100 internally displaced people in key communities in Honduras

  • Strengthen the response of the State of Honduras in addressing cases of people internally displaced by violence and/or at risk of displacement. 
  • Increase coverage in the response to cases of people internally displaced by violence. 
  • Referrals of cases of internally displaced persons by entities to the DIPPDIV. 
  • Delivery of humanitarian assistance components, collection of information and follow-up of the case. 
  • Identification and selection of entrepreneurs or support to access employment for internally displaced people, through an initial evaluation of the business plan. 
  • Delivery of seed capital and support to entrepreneurs selected by the evaluation committee. 
  • Final evaluation of the ventures and presentation of achievements. 
  • Design and implementation of capacity-building sessions at the level of local governments and DIPPDIV-SEDH staff. 
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Claudia González Bengoa
Head of the Migration and Forced Displacement Section
Melissa Pocasangre
MIRPS Fund Regional Coordinator
Nicole Levoyer
Communications Specialist
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