In this section, the repository provides a data bank of the initiatives and experiences implemented in the Americas and the Caribbean addressed to promote and strengthen women’s leadership in all their diversity, as well as their participation and equal representation in power and decision-making.

The systematized initiatives in this repository include those carried out by States through their different powers, public administrations, and subnational governments, as well as the initiatives from the private sector, civil society, and inter-governmental organizations at international and Inter-American levels.

The incorporation of these initiatives in the repository does not mean recognition as good practice or endorsement by the institutions that make up the Inter-American Task Force on Women's Leadership.

In case of interest in proposing the addition of an unregistered initiative, please send the information and supporting documentation via email to: [email protected]

Liderazgo y Participación Política de Mujeres Indígenas

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Evento celebrado en 2018 con el objetivo de contribuir al fortalecimiento y empoderamiento de las mujeres indígenas, así como preparar un marco de oportunidades para su desarrollo con enfoque inclusivo, identificando necesidades, oportunidades y desafíos que resultan de situaciones que propician la vulnerabilidad y desigualdad; respetando su cosmovisión, buscando el fortalecimiento de capacidades y oportunidades mediante la generación de herramientas, técnicas y políticas que permitan el desarrollo y la plena participación de las mujeres indígenas en la vida política y toma de decisiones