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This project, “Strengthening the care, integration and protection of refugees, asylum seekers and host communities in Darién, in line with the MIRPS National Action Plan, with special emphasis on children, adolescents and women,” is financed by the MIRPS Fund.

In recent years, Darién has become one of the most important and risky transit points in the region. In 2021, 133,720 people entered the country irregularly through this border, a record number of people in mixed movements towards the north of the continent. According to the National Immigration Service, in the first seven months of 2022, more than 75,000 people crossed the Darién Gap, almost double the total for the equivalent period of 2021, with between 1,000 and 1,300 daily entries into Panama. In 2022, the most common nationality for those in transit is Venezuelan. 

People from this area arrive in very precarious conditions, in poor health and hygiene conditions, they lack work opportunities and means of subsistence, children and adolescents do not have basic materials to attend educational centers. 

This project will benefit more than 800 refugees and asylum seekers in the province of Darién, providing them with 500 kits of basic humanitarian assistance for health and hygiene (taking into account the differentiated needs of women, men and girls and boys), 230 kits schools for children and adolescents, and aims to provide training in microbusinesses and basic equipment to entrepreneurial women in the Darién area. 


Strengthen capacity in Panama, province of Darién, to facilitate and improve the care and integration of refugees and asylum seekers in the province of Darién in Panama, in line with the MIRPS National Action Plan. 

  • Delivery of basic health and hygiene assistance kits upon the arrival of refugees and applicants at the border. 
  • Tracking and monitoring of humanitarian and health assistance provided to beneficiaries. 
  • Planning and carrying out a workshop on integration aimed at refugee families and host community families. 
  • Delivery of school kits to refugee students and students from host communities. 
  • Follow-up and monitoring of the educational capacities provided with support from the personnel who provide follow-up. 
  • Business skills training workshops aimed at refugee womens and members of host communities. 
  • Support and advice to startups to present their business models. 
  • Organization of a startup selection event and feedback on business models. 
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Claudia González Bengoa
Head of the Migration and Forced Displacement Section
Melissa Pocasangre
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