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Kitchen and Personal Hygiene

  • 29 April 2018
  • Posted by: Lisa Morgan
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Kitchen and Personal Hygiene
Students’ age range: 14-16
Main subject: Health
Topic: Kitchen and Personal Hygiene
Type of device: Laptop
Description: Step 1: Students will be given their objectives for the class. Step 2: They will be brainstorming the objectives in class and briefly discuss their understanding of the lesson. They will use the Pro and Con grid to discuss the topic and ascertain pros and cons of practising personal and kitchen hygiene. Step3: Students will be required to go online to watch the video presentation created by teacher and make brief notes on objectives A, B, D and E. The link for the video will be given to students in their edmodo foods class. Step 4: When the students meet for class they will share what they understood about the presentation. Step 5: They will research online to find a suitable video that demonstartes proper handwashing techniques.Students will demonstrate to their peers proper handwashing techniques based on the video viewed. Step 6: Students will be asked to prepare a newsletter on personal and kitchen hygiene. In the newsletter, all objectives will be covered. The newsletter will be prepared to meet the needs of teenagers in a región who are getting sick because of the poor kitchen and personal hygiene. The newsletter may also include fun facts and activities such as puzzles for students. This newsletter can be completed in Microsoft Word or if the student desires to download and edit a newsletter template from google. The newsletter will be uploaded to the students’ Food website created using wix.com Step 7: Using the fishbowl strategy students will discuss the importance of proper personal and kitchen hygiene Step 8: Class will do a quiz in Edmodo based on the lesson covered.