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Problem Solving-Errors

  • 25 May 2018
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 Problem Solving-Errors
Students’ age range: 14-16
Topic: Programming Errors
Type of device: Smartphone
Description: The teacher write a statement on the board that does not agree with the rules of the English language.
‘In yesterday’s class documentation is done.’
Students will be asked to analysis this statement, a brief discussion will ensue.

1. The discussion from the statement made in the introduction should bring out the syntax error concept. The students from their assignment given in the previous class will pose various definitions for the term Syntax and Syntax Errors.
2. A standardized definition of Syntax error will be given. Pascal statements will be written on the board with Syntax errors. The students from their interaction with programming should be able to highlight and correct these errors.
3. The students will again from their homework activity give definitions for Logic Errors and Runtime Errors.
4. The teacher will provide standardized definitions for the concepts and explain each clearly.
5. The students will attempt examples given on the board highlighting the type of error they have identified and the possible fix for same.

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