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Reading Comprehension

  • 23 April 2018
  • Posted by: Wendy Mitchell
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Reading Comprehension
Students’ age range: 10-12
Main subject: Language arts and literature
Topic: The Monkey's Heart
Description: The title of the story will be introduced. Students will predict what they think the story is about. Whole class discussion will be done. Students will skim and scan story for unusual words. These words will be listed on whiteboard. Individuals will be allowed to read sentences or paragrahs in which words are found and then use context clues to give meanings. Students will watch a video with one versión of the story.
Individuals, then whole class will read the story.
Students will be questioned so as to analyse the story to say who is the bad and good charácter. They will then tell whether or not their predictions about the story was correct. Socratic questioning will be done.Students will compare the two versions of the story and tell what differnces there are..

la familia

  • 12 February 2018
  • Posted by: Georgia Miller
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la familia
Students’ age range: 12-14
Main subject: Foreign languages
Topic: Cómo es tu familia?
Description: I started the lesson by having students guess information about my family that were aligned with the lesson objectives (how many people?, how many brothers, how many sisters). I then gave students some information about my family then taught them how to talk about their family in terms of numbers as well as describing each member. Students were then taught how to ask the questions that elicited the responses previously mentioned. Students were also guided in completing their graphic organizer with relevant vocabulary. They were also guided in completing their scripts for their oral presentation.


  • 12 February 2018
  • Posted by: ANA CONTERON
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Students’ age range: 14-16
Main subject: Arts education
Description: The class started from 13h45 to 14h25 in which I explain the things that they need to know for example first they knew the importance of the class and the specific objective for them which was to describe places using new vocabulary 5 minutes, second they understand the time that we need to work for example to form groups 10minutes because some of them were shy however they could form their groups, third they choose the specific place and they give to know after choosing the place they started to draw the place, while one student was drawing another was writing the descriptive text and finding out in the dictionary new words, some of them was speaking each other to find information and finish the task, it last 30 minutes. We started with the second hour which was from 14h25 to 15h05 in the second period each group can organize the exposition they took 10 minutes. At the end they explain their task and 5 minute per each group.
At the end of the task each group should explain their topic.

Describe a city in English

  • 20 October 2017
  • Posted by: Ried Iten
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Describe a city in English
Students’ age range: 14-16
Main subject: Foreign languages
Topic: Regional Geography
Description: The teacher elicits/teaches key vocabulary on the topic of the urban economy. Students have to gap-fill on the board with the correct word to complete the text. Students work individually.
Speaker- projector- board- map. The teacher read the text, make a semi-authentic tape of the text, or use the text to show some pictures to students; The students have to do some questions about they hear. Teacher gives to students photocopies of the text with the gap, and ask them that complete with the new vocabulary.Students complete gap-fill to consolidate new vocabulary items.