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What is the Jamaican Culture

  • 23 April 2018
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What is the Jamaican Culture
Students’ age range: 10-12
Topic: Aspects of the Jamaican Culture
Description: View short video clips/teacher-created multimedia presentation/pictures of food, music, dances, mode of dress, folktales etc… and tell the cultural aspect/s of life portrayed. Through discussion get an understanding of the concept of culture. Collect pictures of the various aspect of culture discussed, paste in scrap book/journal and write a sentence for each picture.

Talk about foods that they like to eat and how they are prepared. E.g. ackee and saltfish, rice and peas, run down, ducknoo, cornmeal pudding etc. through guided research investigate the origins of these dishes.
In groups collect/search for pictures online/offline sources and make collage depicting aspects of Jamaican food. Compile responses and transfer to a word processing software. Print and place in class cultural display area.

Identify the various festivals and cultural celebrations on a calendar. For example, National Heritage Week, Jamaica Day, Jamaica Independence Celebration, Maroon New Year’s Celebration etc. Talk about the activities related to national events and national symbols. For example, The National Anthem, the National Pledge, The National Song and The National Coat of Arms. Rehearse one aspect of any festival of their choice. Wear the appropriate dress for the depicted festival.

Attend a field trip and take pictures of important buildings, heritage sites, herbs for folk medicine and those used for Jamaican dishes. Take pictures of various murals. Talk about the many uses of art in our culture and create art work of their own. Mount a display in the classroom and answer questions about their work.

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