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What is energy?

  • 20 October 2017
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What is energy?
Students’ age range: 14-16
Topic: Setting the stage – what is energy and what are its forms?
Description: In the form of a trivia game, use the quiz attached to test and/or strength students’ general knowledge on energy. They will participate in the trivia game to test their knowledge on energy in general. A few minutes will be taken to remind students about their tools to participate in the ACS exercise. Students will be given time to read and have their question and answer prompts ready for an effective interaction. Read your Save and Learn Booklet, p. 20 Familiarize yourself with the questioning and answering prompts to participate in the ACS activity. Students will be asked to form a circle with their chairs, have their question and answer prompts and introduce the first question: Where do we get energy from? How does our school get its energy? Seat in a big circle and prepare prompts to participate in the Academic Conversation. Allow students to continue the conversation by utilizing the prompts. The teacher will interfere as needed to provide direction to the conversation and/or clarify ideas that might not be clear. Continue the conversation using the prompts. Ask for teacher’s help if at some point you need it.
Take notes from discussions and from posters prepared by the teacher.

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