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Using definition to figure the meaning of an underlined word

  • 23 April 2018
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Using definition to figure the meaning of an underlined word
Students’ age range: 06-08
Topic: Using context clues
Description: Step 1:
• Teacher displays reading of short story on the board using a chart or projector.
• Teacher models the reading to the students by reading the story aloud.
• Students follows along as teacher reads story.
• Teacher then asks students to read the story aloud together as a whole class, while teacher assist along the way if needed.
• Students read story with appropriate pacing and fluency.
• Teacher asks students to make connection to what they have just read, by stating their experience if any with the story. (text to self, text to text or text to world)
• Students volunteer to make connection to the text.
• Teacher asks students questions based on the story they read.
• Students answer questions in complete sentence orally and then written.

Sentence level
• In groups of four teacher distributes short passages to students with selected words underlined. Students are asked to figure the meaning of the underlined words using clues in the passage.
• Students read passage and use think aloud to figure the meaning of the word which is underlined.
• Teaching visit each group and offer assistance by asking leading questions to help students bring out the meaning of each word.
• Students share answers with whole class about they think the meaning of the word is and what clues they use to figure it out.
• Teacher then explains to students what they are doing is using context clues to decipher the meaning of unknown words.
• Teacher then states that there are different types of context clues and what they are using is context clues by definition.
• Teacher then displays chart on the board about context clues
• Students and teacher read and discuss contents of the chart.
Step 4:
• Teacher distributes graphic organizers and sentence stripes to students in groups to figure out the meaning of the underlined word using clues in the sentences.
• Students use clues in the sentence to come up with the meaning of the underlined word.
• Differentiation- Teacher works with struggling and weaker students in small groups by reading sentences and asking probing and leading questions.
• Students in each group share their answers.

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