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  • 25 May 2018
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Students’ age range: 14-16
Topic: transport in man
Description: Main activity: (Explore, Explain, Elaborate)

• Students’ attention will be focused on the concept of a ‘system’ by asking questions that will establish the presence of and the need for a transport system
• How do you move from one room to another at school? Walking or running?
• How would you get from your house to your friend’s house down your street? Walking, riding bicycle, running?
• Suppose you wanted to carry a basket of mangoes from your house or school to downtown Kingston, how would you get there easily?
• How do you travel with your bag of books from home to school each day? (Car, bus, truck, train) depending on how far you are from Kingston or school.

• Students will be asked the following questions:
• Does the car/bus/train travel along the same route each time?
• How often does it travel each day?
• Are you the only person travelling on the bus/car/train each time?
• How many buses do you think are on your bus route?

• The words ‘bus system’ will be discussed. Students will suggest what a bus system means, how it works, ad why it is important.
• Students will consider that in the same way that people need a bus/train/plane system to carry them and their things, each person’s body needs a system that can carry the things the body cells need from one point to another
• Students will be asked
• Do you think an animal such as man or a rabbit needs a transport system?
• Would a plant such as corn or grass or mango tree also need a transport system?

• This will allow students to understand the concept that a complex organism needs a transport system so that cells deep inside the body can get water, food, gases and wastes can be taken away.
• A demonstration will be done with paper and a dye solution. See instructions attached.
• Following the discussion, students will be asked to imagine themselves sitting in a bath tub filled with food, what would happen? They will be asked the following questions
• What happened to the food in the tub?
• Was any absorbed or diffused into the body? Why?
• What type of organism are you, complex or simple?
• The students will be told that the body cells of a complex living organism can only get food if it is carried or transported to them via tubes.
• Students will view a chart/model of the heart. Students will then be called on randomly to label the structures using word strips provided
• After labelling the heart students will review how blood flows in the heart and what is meant by double circulation
• Students will form teams and respond to questions on circulation and immunity from a biology game show, the questions will facilitate open discussion for further explanation and development of critical thinking
• Students will then review transport in plants in the form of a quiz.

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