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This is my community

  • 25 April 2018
  • Posted by: Opal Smith-Alexander
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This is my community
Students’ age range: 06-08
Topic: What is a community? What does my community look like? Who are the people in my community?
Description: Step One:
Students will illustrate the meaning of community by a drawing or performance piece.

Step Two:
Students will then compose and sing a song introducing people in their community.

Step Three:
In groups of 5's students will go on a walk-about to observe the community in action.

Step Four:
Upon their return to class, students will write two or more sentences on what the persons in the community were doing.

Step Five:
Teacher will arrange the class in fish bowl position. Six students will be selected to sit in the center of the large circle. The other students will sit in the large outer circle. The students in the inner circle will read their sentences aloud in the group and list the most common activities. Teacher will lead discussion.

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