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The Slave Trade

  • 25 May 2018
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The Slave Trade
Students’ age range: 14-16
Topic: The Experiences of Enslave Africans on the Middle Passage
Description: Engage - The teacher will introduce the lesson by asking the students to state how they would feel if they were taken from their home without knowledge of where they are going, why they were taken and the possibility of never seeing their family members again. A short discussion will ensue based on the responses.

Explore- In order to grasp the conditions and experiences of the enslaved Africans on the Middle Passage, the students will be placed in groups of three to read the documents about the Middle Passage. They will then be required to complete a graphic organizer with headings such as: Documents, Identify 2-3 ways people experienced the Middle Passage, How is this account similar or different from the other documents and why might this be a reliable source to understand the Middle Passage.
Explain - In their respective groups the students will be required to share their responses and critique each others work

Elaborate- Using the Fish Bowl strategy, the students will be required to debate the extent to which the Africans are largely responsible for the fate of their fellowmen on the Middle Passage.

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