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The senses

  • 19 October 2017
  • Posted by: Ried Iten
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The senses
Students’ age range: Not specified
Topic: To explore and discover the characteristics of the elements and phenomena through inquiry processes that stimulate their curiosity by encouraging respect for natural and cultural diversity.
Description: Dialogue with the children of what was done on the weekend. Song: "My face". Observe slides. Recognize the senses and paint them
Form the square with plasticineAfter the initial activities we sang the song "My face" Then we organized to elaborate the planning of the Significant Situation, the same we do asking the children what they have done this weekend and Shaila told us that he liked the Song of "Mi carita" and we are based on this song for the theme of the week.
We pass a child to the front to explain each of the senses and their functions and
We ask you to observe pictures where the images of the senses are found to proceed to give them a leaf and recognize each one of the senses and then paint them red.
Next we ask that they form two columns and we go them to wash the hands to serve their respective lunch.
We deliver blue plasticine to be kneaded with your little hands and form a square.
We remember what we learned and we sing watch to go home

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2 comments on article "The senses"

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Veniese Brennan

4/15/2018 1:12 PM

I like this lesson. I admire / appreciate the detailed topic outline . ( I can grow to do that) A simple but poignant lesson that is loaded with very diverse activities withing the time frame. This is a sure way to keep the students engaged. For us in cyber space though you did not state what sense gets what color . It was also very well that the lesson included the utility of all the senses. I thought that teh seesssment was adequate for the objectives at this student level.

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Cherry-Ann Layne

4/21/2018 3:51 PM

I think this lesson was an interesting one because you can adapt it to suit your age group. This lesson would also make the children aware that we all are different especially when they sing the song "My Face". As they observe each other face, they can take note of the shape and colour of each other's face.The children will also gain knowledge about the senses, the sense organs and how to care for them. This lesson will provide the children with the opportunity to identify colours and to develope their gross and fine motor skills.

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