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The Root of Conflict

  • 25 May 2018
  • Posted by: Katie Minnis
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The Root of Conflict
Students’ age range: 12-14
Topic: Internal and External Conflict
Description: FIRST SESSION. Teacher will display four photos that depict the four types of conflict- a person in a storm, persons involved in a fender bender, character looking at a poor grade with a confused look on her face and finally. Discussion on what is happening in each photo. The word conflict and its definition is written on the board. Volunteers are asked to explain how each picture depicts a conflict and the party or parties involved in the conflict. The words internal and external conflict are written on the board. Discussion on how the conflicts discussed earlier were internal and external. Students watch the video clip of the Lion King. In small groups, they are asked to identify the conflict, parties involved and how the conflict is resolved. A representative from each small group present their thoughts on the conflict.
SECOND SESSION. Students placed in four groups and given a a piece of paper with a type of conflict to role play. Students role play the conflicts after which classmates discuss the conflict. Class reads the short story, Brer Bouki and Brer Rabbi and the Sperrit House as teacher asks the students to make note of what they think may be evidence of conflicts in the story.

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