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The Five Senses

  • 23 April 2018
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The Five Senses
Students’ age range: 04-06
Topic: My Senses
Description: SET INDUCTION:
The teacher sings “I have a Body” and invites the children to join her in singing. The children are asked what the song was about. The teacher asks the students to recall and name the parts of the body. The teacher tells the students that we use different parts of our body to explore the world differently and we say that these body parts help us use our senses.

View pictures of the body parts/ body chart.
Name the body part being shown or pointed to in the chart/on the picture.
Discuss the body parts and their associated senses.
Answer questions to discover how humans use senses to explore the world.
Recite the rhyme “My Five Senses” using the say and repeat method.
Move the body to reproduce the actions associated with the rhyme.

Recite the rhyme “My Five Senses” as a class

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