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The Caribbean Man and Regional Integration

  • 23 April 2018
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The Caribbean Man and Regional Integration
Students’ age range: 12-14
Topic: Living Together
Description: Engagement: Students will participate in an activity where various word cards will be posted on the whiteboard containing the definition of a term to be used throughout the lesson. There will also be a section on the board where key concepts/terms will be written. Students will volunteer to pick a card from the board and read aloud to the class what is written on it. The remainder of the class will listen attentively in order to identify which word from the list is being defined. This will continue until all definitions are read and misconceptions clarified. Student will then match the words with their correct meaning in their notebooks.
Students will then be involved in a discussion about the sharing of household duties such as cooking, washing, cleaning and taking turns with looking after their younger siblings. This will assist in bringing out the term integration which means cooperation.
Exploration: Students will use their atlases to name countries in the Caribbean after which, they are expected to classify the different countries in the region e.g. Greater Antilles, Mainland Caribbean etc. They will create a table in their notebook to reflect the information gathered. Students work will be supervised.
Explanation: Students will be paired and given handouts highlighting areas of regional integration in the Caribbean. Students are expected to read through the handout together and identify at least two areas of regional integration in the Caribbean. Groups will then share their answers with the class to foster a discussion. Through discussions, students will be asked to discuss a benefit and an obstacle to regional integration. This discussion will be guided and additional information given where applicable. Students are expected to take short notes.
Exploration: Students will research the requirements of being a Caribbean citizen for assignment. Based on information gathered, they will use their creativity to design a brochure titled ‘I AM CARIBBEAN.’ The brochure should have a suitable definition for Caribbean Citizen, the country they are a citizen of and what qualifies a person to become a citizen of the region.

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