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Picture Composition

  • 25 April 2018
  • Posted by: Allison King
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Picture Composition
Students’ age range: 04-06
Main subject: Language arts and literature
Topic: Creating a language experience story
Description: Set Induction:
- Elicit information, through questioning, about where stories can be found.
o Where can stories be found?
- Invite students to share with their classmates where stories can be found. Students answers should include the library/library van, in books, in the new paper, on the computer…
- Ask students if pictures can be used to tell stories.
- Ask students what the word imagination means.
o If students are unable to provide the answer one will be given ~ Imagination means using ones mind to think about stories
- Inform students that the words they say can be used to write a story

Learning Activities/Experiences:
- Invite students to focus their attention on the chalk board where the picture is displayed.
- Tell students that they are going to use their imagination to create a story about the picture they see.
- Give students a few minutes (1-3) to look at the picture and think about what is happening before they share their thoughts with classmates.
- Instruct students to raise their hand to indicate that they want to share what they are thinking.
- Remind students that when others are talking they should show respect for them by listening attentively.
- Record students answers on chalk board.
- Correct any syntax errors made and have students repeat sentences with corrections.
- Reread sentences written with students.
- Remind students that the words written are the sentences they shared.