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  • 25 May 2018
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Students’ age range: 10-12
Main subject: Religious education
Description: Step 1--The teacher asks oral question on some of the people in the Bible. Notes the response on the board and narrows down to the name or names he wants.
Step 2--The teacher now gives an overview of the lesson--explains how Joseph was born and how he grew up, how he was sold by his brothers. Due to his had work and fear he was made one of the leaders in Egypt.
Step 3--The teacher gives time for students to brainstorm what Joseph could have done when he was one of the leaders in Egypt, report their findings through their leaders. The teacher then explains that even though Joseph was sold by his brothers but when the brothers went to look food in Egypt due to famine in Canaan, he gave them warm welcome and treated them well. He even requested them to go and settle with him in Egypt. Joseph did not mistreat his brothers though he had that power.
Step 4--The teacher organizes for the role play just to make the lesson more realistic for learners.

Drug Awaerness

  • 23 April 2018
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Drug Awaerness
Students’ age range: 14-16
Main subject: Life skills
Topic: Popular Music and Drugs
Description: 1. Write the following on the chalk board:
“Bail extended for reggae Singer on ganja charge”
“Pop Singer fined $50,000 for possession of cocaine”

2. Students will identify the similarities in each headline
3. Students suggest reasons why some pop singers use drugs
4. Let students evaluate each reason given and comment on it
5. Let students discuss why some members in the audience may take drugs at a pop concert
6. Let students say what they would do if they were pop singers or members of the audience at a pop concert where drugs were openly used.

Teacher recalls the example of local ‘Pop’ Singer Gem Myers and the Culture Club (Boy George) Band