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Storm Warriors Historical fiction

  • 25 April 2018
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Storm Warriors  Historical fiction
Students’ age range: 08-10
Topic: Storm Warrior
Description: Words were taught in word families, or similar spelling patterns, and only as whole words. The student were not directly taught the relationship between letters and sounds, but learns them through minimal word differences. As the child progresses, words that have irregular spellings were introduced as sight words and copied in note books.
The content was presented in several modalities. Multisensory approaches that employ tracing, hearing, and writing. Multisensory techniques can were used with both phonics and linguistic approaches.
The teacher reads a passage at a fairly rapid rate, with the instructor's voice directed into the student's ear. The teacher begins as the dominant reading voice, but gradually the student spends more time leading these sessions.
Students who read slowly or who hesitated over a number of words but were able to identify most of the words in a sentence. Student were directed to read a passage without errors. This method functions most effectively when it is practiced for short periods.
This approach utilizes each student's oral language level and personal experiences. Material were written by the child and teacher for reading using each child's experience. This was done in small groups of three and individually.
Familiarity with the content and the vocabulary facilitate reading the anchor stories. Each child can develop a chart to be read and re-read. This approach helps children know what reading is and that ideas and experiences can be conveyed in print.

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