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Soluble and Insoluble Substances in water

  • 24 April 2018
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Soluble and Insoluble Substances in water
Students’ age range: 08-10
Topic: Natural Resources-Soluble and Insoluble
Description: The lesson will begin with the students being encouraged to pick a partner and assembly by a workstation already set up in the classroom. There will be 7 workstations for each pair of students. At each station, students will observe two pre-prepared, unlabelled mixtures, to be discussed with their partner. These findings will then be shared and discussed in Large Group Discussion. Students will then be informed of the identity of the contents of each unlabelled container. They will be questioned as to process and phenomenon which caused the appearance of each mixture. Students will be encouraged note the colour and consistency of each mixture. There are also to note and discuss any separation of the substances in the beaker.
Students will be introduced to the terms soluble and insoluble via a short video clip that displays similar mixtures provided by explanations for what will be observed in the containers provided at the stations. Students will be encouraged to investigate and experiment in pairs, using replicas of the ingredients used for the pre-prepared mixtures to be able to classify substances according to their solubility water. Students will use sugar, salt, cooking oil, sand, each in four separate beakers of water. Students will watch as the teacher demonstrates how to use the materials provided to create a mixture. Students will be encouraged to jot down all observations during the experiment in their notebooks. Using a teaspoon, samples of each substance will be added to water and stirred for at least one minute. Each person in the pair at each station will choose to create two mixtures and discuss their findings together. The pair who completes the task first will have the opportunity to present their findings to the class.

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