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Shared Reading

  • 23 April 2018
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Shared Reading
Students’ age range: 06-08
Topic: The Story of Chicken Licken
Description: Tell students that I am going to read a story to them; it is going to be about farm animals. Can you guess which other farm animals the story will be about? To lay the foundation for exploring thoughts underlying feelings and comparing perspectives in the story, the teacher could first set up a role play in which several children are wearing pictures of various animals. Display the front cover of the book for students to see ask them if they know what that part of the book is called. Give opportunity for a few guesses. If no correct answers are given tell them it is called the front cover. Point to the title and tell students that is called the title and is usually written big on the front cover. Say: “Let’s read the title”. Turn to the back cover; tell students it is called the back cover. Tell them let’s read the blurb together. Now turn to the title page, tell students that this is the title page and usually has the author’s name, and the illustrator’s name. Ask them if they know who an author is, (person who writes the book) and an illustrator (person who draws the pictures). Next tell the students about the characters in the story. Read the story to the students showing them the pictures on each page. Have them predict what happens next. Read the story aloud and ask the following questions to encourage students to explore the story's meaning.

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