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Sequencing Pictures to tell A Story

  • 25 May 2018
  • Posted by: Allison Bend
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Sequencing Pictures to tell A Story
Students’ age range: 06-08
Topic: Sequencing
Description: Teacher had students view a brief clip with persons in disarray as well as those performing actions in logical order. This was done to make students aware of the topic to be discussed. Random students were then be chosen to demonstrate to the class steps they take when performing certain actions, for example cleaning shoes, dressing oneself and so on. Teacher asked students to recall what was done at various stages using transitional words- then, first, next, after. Through questioning, students were then asked what they think would be the result if various steps were taken before others. The teacher then, through questioning, illicited from students that actions must be done in order or in a particular sequence if they are to make sense.
The fishbowl strategy would be utilised, where students would be given a paper with an activity, and given an opportunity to discuss what steps should she taken at which points. Teacher will observe students as they engage in discussion. Students will also be observed as they work cooperatively in pairs to arrange picture cards in order to tell the story shown. Students will also be given the opportunity to share with classmates the story shown by the cards.

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