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Reading Comprehension Skill:Summarizing

  • 25 April 2018
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Reading Comprehension Skill:Summarizing
Students’ age range: 08-10
Topic: Summarizing means just telling the main ideas/ events of an article, situation or plot of a story. A good summary is brief it does not include unnecessary details, repeated information, thoughts.
Description: Class Discussion: As we go through the PowerPoint the teacher will discuss each slide and probe the students.
(see appendix to view each slide)
The students will read together each slide and answer questions when asked. The teacher will pick these students to answer questions to ensure they understand.

Modeling: The teacher will model the summarizing strategy.
(see content and/or appendi The students will watch. Group leaders will collect their group’s papers. The teacher will model the chart and think out loud as the students watch. As she models, she will perform proper phonemic strategies.

The teacher will watch the students perform the summarizing strategy. The teacher will instruct the students to use the summarizing strategy to complete the worksheet given.
The students will do the summarizing strategy. The students will be given a worksheet.

Role-play: The teacher will role-play with the students. Each group will be given one part of the summarizing strategy and they will have to give details about their part.
For Example:
Rangers will be given one part of summarizing strategy “somebody”.
Teacher: “Hey Rangers, I missed iCarly last night who were the characters in that episode?” Culminating Activity: The students will watch clips of their favorite T.V. shows and use the summarizing strategy to summarize what happened, through role-playing.

A member from Rangers: The characters were Carly, Sam and Spencer. The students will be encouraged to answer in a complete sentence and stand up as they present. They will also be reminded to speak clearly so that all can hear.

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