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  • 23 April 2018
  • Posted by: Shanelle Polson
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Students’ age range: 00-04
Topic: Verbs - Action Words
Description: Students and teacher will sing a song about verbs. (Song tune to itsy bitsy spider… Verbs are action words, like walking, talking, running, skipping, hopping, jumping; they are action words.)
After we introduce the lesson with this song, teacher will first read the passage for students. Students will repeat after teacher as the passage is read together.
Students will be asked a couple of questions, do you know what are verbs? Name some verbs you Heard in the song earlier? Can you do any of these?
Students will be encouraged to attempt to tell/identify some of the action words from the passage. Students will take turns by raising their hands and waiting to be acknowledged.
Students will copy the sentences from the whiteboard and then underline the verbs in each sentence.

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