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Properties of Matter

  • 23 April 2018
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Properties of Matter
Students’ age range: 06-08
Topic: Matter
Description: Explain:
-that everything around us takes up space and is made of matter.
-it takes many shapes and forms.
-it can be grouped into 3 main states; solids, liquids and gases and they all have different properties.
-we look at the shape, mass and volume to determine its properties.
-solids have a definite shape and does not change when placed into a container.
-liquids do not have a definite shape but it takes the shape of a container.
-gas does not have a definite shapes or mass.
Ask student to think about their home and school environment to determine the properties of matter by evaluation of its characteristics.
Have students orally place matter around us in each category by process of elimination.
Show by experiment how water can be solid(display ice cubes), liquid(display a glass of water) and gas(display stream from a kettle of hot water) while explaining its properties.
Pupils would also have an opportunity to touch, feel and see the different forms and textures of matter for better understanding

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