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Persuasive Writing

  • 25 May 2018
  • Posted by: Sylbena Scott
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Persuasive Writing
Students’ age range: 14-16
Topic: Many students have part -time jobs after school .It has been suggested that businesses should employ only those students who are successful in their studies .Is it a fair suggestion?
Description: I wrote the prompt for the essay on the whiteboard. Then ,I wrote a question derived from the topic on the board. Question :' Do you think that students with a G.P.A below 2:00 , should be allowed to work in business establishments ?' I asked students to indicate their responses to the question by standing in either the left or right hand side of the room.Next, I divided he class into small groups (about six(6) in each group) and assigned each member of the group the task of writing three reasons to support his/her stance. Each group member was given five( 5) minutes to prepare three (3) pros or three( 3) cons based on his/her group assignment.Group members were given an opportunity to share their arguments with the other members , select ,and record the three (3) major arguments presented.I moved around to each group so as to listen to the responses and to provide feedback . ( I had prepared a list of pros and cons before the lesson began) Class discussion ( debate)followed.(I called on students of each group to share their responses )

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