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Oxidation and Reduction Reactions

  • 24 April 2018
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Oxidation and Reduction Reactions
Students’ age range: 14-16
Topic: REDOX in Daily Life
Description: 1. The teacher started the lesson with a recap of the previous topic: defining REDOX.
2. The teacher then asked an introductory question “What causes bleach to change the color of coloured clothing?”
3. Feeding from the responses of the students the teacher then introduced the lesson topic and wrote the objectives of the lesson on the board.
4. The teacher clarified any misunderstandings the students had on the action of bleach. SHe then wrote a simplified equation to further help the explanation.
5. The teacher then engaged the students to think about any other activity that they or their parents did at home that could be classified as a redox reaction. The other four examples came out. Students took notes.
6. Before the end of the lesson the fish bowl method was use to summarize and recap the lesson. Three students were placed in the inner circle and the other twenty students were in the outer circle.
7. The rules were that only the person in the inner circle with the red ball could speak. If someone from the other circle wanted to enter the inner circle they would tap on the persons shoulder they would want to leave to leave the circle was the reverse process. Students on the outer circle had to listen intently as prizes were in store for them. Talking out of turn was prohibited. The thought provoking question was “Describe the effect of REDOX reactions in its application to daily activities.” Students discussed both positive and negative effects as well as introduced some additional applications.
8. The lesson was reviewed.
9. The class register was taken.
10. Students were dismissed.

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