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Number Systems

  • 25 May 2018
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Number Systems
Students’ age range: 14-16
Topic: Binary
Description: The teacher will ask the students what are the number systems that they are aware of. The teacher will also ask the students what is the number systems used by humans. After the students has brainstormed this the teacher and students
Content Outline
• Number System
? Types of Numbers
? Binary
? Denary
1. The teacher will demonstrate how to convert from decimal/base10 to binary/base2. Spcial mention will be made to the remainder section and the direction that the answer should be read to arrive at the correct answer. Several examples will be done by students called up to the board the teacher will provide guidance where necessary.
2. After fully exploring how he conversion from Base 10 to Base 2 is done, the teacher will ask the students how they think the number is converted back to Base 10. The teacher will listen to the student’s ideas.
3. The teacher will then put one example on the board how this conversion is done. The students will make write down the conversion. The students will be given several questions to do on their own.
4. Students will be given many classwork activities to concertize the concepts.
5. The teacher will mark their books and make corrections where necessary.

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