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National Heroes of Barbados

  • 23 April 2018
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National Heroes of Barbados
Students’ age range: 00-04
Topic: Our Heroes are Jewels in our Country's Crown
Description: The topic for the day National Heroes of Barbados, will be given to the students. An introductory question will be asked “what do you know about the national heroes of Barbados?” Students will turn and share with a peer for about 5 minutes what they know. Following this five minutes, one child from each pair will share with the class what they know about the National Heroes of Barbados. The students will be asked if there is anything in particular which they wish to know about the national heroes and these responses will be recorded by the teacher.

With the use of the display board and pictures of the national heroes being displayed the students will engage in discussion with the teacher, repeating the name of each hero and a general fact about each one. Attributes about the heroes will be noted such as how many male heroes, how many female heroes, how many are dead and how many are still living. Students will view a video clip about the national heroes and identify the name of each hero as the picture flashes across the screen. Pictures of the national heroes will be distributed to the students and as the teacher points to the pictures of the heroes on the display board the children holding those pictures will stand and say the name of that hero.

Students will engage in the singing of the song Barbados Has Ten Heroes and perform the finger plays which accompanies the song. Students will listen to pre-recorded songs about different heroes and dance to the beat and rhythm in the songs.

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