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  • 23 April 2018
  • Posted by: Nazia Kasimbeg
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Students’ age range: 12-14
Topic: Mother's Day
Description: - I greet the students and ask them how their day was so far.
- Then I place a few pictures on the blackboard of the story “Mother”. I tell the students that I have placed a few pictures of the binning of a story. Then I ask the students the following questions:
- What do you see in the 2 pictures? ( A woman and a child sitting next to each other) ( the woman is holding the child in her arms)
- What kind of relationship do you think that they have?
- When you look at the pictures do they look sad or happy?
- So class if you look at these pictures what do you think the title of this lesson is?
- Why do you think that this lesson will be about a mother? ( because it soon will be Mother’s day)
- Do you know when it will be Mother’s day? ( it is on the second Sunday in May)
- During the lesson I give the students compliments for their answers!
- Now, let’s learn something more about this name” Mother”
- As we have seen there is a mother and a child, what do you think will happen with the mother?
- Do you think that the woman or child will be happy throughout the entire text? 9 the students will give different answers)
- Ok, so now we are going to find that out in a short period!
- In a while you will be getting a short text, read it very careful and state if what you all said earlier was true!
- Keep in mind:
Read the text at least 2 times; then read the questions which are asked; then read the text again to found the answers. Note: the questions of the text are multiple choice.
- After giving the instructions the students are going to read the text.
- After 10 minutes I correct the questions by giving the students a turn to answer.
- Hereafter I ask the students if their presumptions were correct.
- Did both characters remain happy?
- Now that you have read the text and answered the questions about this text, I am sure that someone special came to your mind such as your mother or guardian.

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