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  • 23 April 2018
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Students’ age range: 10-12
Topic: The Queen Conch
Description: Display lyrics and Play the Bahamian song: Conch Ain't Gat No Bone." Written by: Alphonson Higgs (Blind Blake)
Allow students to sing the song together along with music.
Model the 'conch style dance', and have students "knock the conch style' while singing "Conch Ain't Gat No Bone".
Invite students to view the video: "Ain't Got No More Lip- A Film About Conch.
Allow students to share their views about the video.
Distribute copy of the story the queen conch to each student.
Allow students to number each line.
Read the text aloud to students, then allow them to mark words which they are unfamiliar.
Include the following terms: mantle, operculum, delicate, discourage, delicacy
Elicit vocabulary students identified as unfamiliar .
Encourage students to write the meaning of the unfamiliar words on their copy of the poem.
Allow students to read the poem in pairs.
Display topic for the fishbowl discussion and share it with students.
Invite the first four participants to join the fishbowl circle.
Remind class that only students in the fishbowl circle are allowed to talk, the students in the outer circle are to remain quiet and make notes.
Probe questions to prompt a deeper discussion.
Ensure that students have an opportunity to talk and rotate in and out of the circle.
After the topic has been completely exhausted allow students to write on the topic: "Should there be an Open and Closed Season to Capture the Queen Conch?"

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