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Mis Vacaciones de Verano

  • 25 May 2018
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Mis Vacaciones de Verano
Students’ age range: 16-18
Topic: Mis Vacaciones de Verano
Description: ENGAGEMENT: The teacher will greet the students in Spanish and then instruct them to listen to a Spanish song about the summer holiday. The song is entitled “Verano y Sol”. Students will be encouraged to dance and sing along with the song.
-The students will say what the song is about, as they respond to the question, “De qué se trata esta canción?”
-The teacher will proceed to ask students general questions about the summer vacation, using the present tense. Eg. ¿Cuándo son las vacaciones de verano?, Normalmente, ¿qué hace la gente durante las vacaciones de verano?, ¿Normalmente, qué haces tú durante las vacaciones de verano?, /Por lo general, ¿cómo pasas las vacaciones de verano?, ¿Te gustan las vacaciones de verano?, ¿Por qué?, ¿Qué prefieres?, ¿Las vacaciones de verano o La Navidad?, ¿Por qué?, ¿Qué te gusta más de las vacaciones de verano?, ¿Qué piensas de las vacaciones de verano en Jamaica?

EXPLORATION: The teacher will give students a template of a concept map. Individually or in groups, they will explore different expressions in Spanish that can be used to talk about their last summer vacation. In the first box, they will jot down adjectives that can be used to describe the vacation. In box 2, they will jot down places where they spent the holiday. In box 3, they will jot down persons with whom they spent the holiday. In box 4, they will jot down activities done in the holiday and in box 5, they will jot down things they liked/disliked most about the holiday.
EXPLANATION: Using the think-pair-share technique, the students will share their findings. At this point corrections, clarifications, explanations and justifications will be made by both students and teacher (NB.The teacher will visit each group). The teacher may also give additional expressions.
a) The students will use the information found in the exploration stage to talk about how they spent the recent summer vacation, using both the preterite and imperfect tenses. The teacher will write down five questions to guide the students. N.B. Each question relates to one of the boxes on the concept map. The teacher will allow students to pass around a ball and whoever has the ball when she says “paren”, will stand and talk about how he/she spent the holiday, using the questions along with the information on their concept maps.

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