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Magnetic Poles

  • 20 October 2017
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Magnetic Poles
Students’ age range: 14-16
Topic: Magnets
Description: 1. Provide students with a handout on the Earth’s Magnetic Pole.
2. Have students read the handout the day before in order to prepare for a Socratic seminar.
3. Group students by fours.
4. Provides graphic organizers to be used by students to focus on Earth’s poles.
1. Students lead the discussion on the concepts of the handout on Earth’s Magnetic pole.
2. Design illustrations of the Earth’s poles making emphasis on the Magnetic poles and geographical poles.
3. Make connections that exist between a compass and the magnetic poles.
4. Make presentations on their findings in the form of a project of their choice or a format of their choice.
Divide students into groups of 4’s
Assign roles to each member
Provide each group with a compass and a bar magnet that is not labeled.
Instruct students that the task that they have is to find the north pole and the south pole of the bar magnets. Students will use the graphic organizer and the handout use in the previous session to label the magnetic bar.
Students will present how they found out which is the north and south pole of the magnet.
Other students will be expected to ask questions to the presenters.
Organize students into heterogeneous groups of fours
Provide each group with the different items that are attracted and not attracted by magnets
Give each student a graphic organizer where they would write their predictions, observations and explanations.
Video presentations Explore with magnets to find out which poles attract and which poles repel.
Make predictions, then make observations and finally explanations.
Classify objects as those that will be attracted and those that will not be attracted.
State why they think they would or would not be attracted by the magnets.
Explore with the materials making observations then explanations
Use the end of the poles to attract objects and the middle of the magnets and record their findings as to the strength of the magnet.
Explain findings while being videoed.

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